the disney princess


DAY 1: Favorite movie
DAY 2: Favorite princess
DAY 3: Favorite prince
DAY 4: Favorite song
DAY 5: Favorite kiss
DAY 6: Prettiest princess
DAY 7: Favorite castle
DAY 8: Saddest moment
DAY 9: Favorite couple
DAY 10: Best hair
DAY 11: Favorite animal sidekick
DAY 12: Favorite non-animal sidekick
DAY 13: Favorite outfit
DAY 14: Favorite villain
DAY 15: Favorite romantic moment
DAY 16: Favorite singing voice
DAY 17: Best eyes
DAY 18: Favorite name
DAY 19: Favorite soundtrack
DAY 20: Funniest moment
DAY 21: Favorite quote
DAY 22: Bravest princess
DAY 23: Favorite dance scene
DAY 24: Favorite parent
DAY 25: Favorite lyrics
DAY 26: Most magical moment
DAY 27: Best wardrobe
DAY 28: Favorite sequel
DAY 29: Favorite overall moment
DAY 30: Favorite happy ending

I saw a Disney challenge floating around and wanted to do it, but then I thought it would make more sense for me just to make a princess version! Day #1 coming soon! And of course all my fellow princess lovers are free to do it too! :)

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